Micro Seiki BL-21

Up for auction is a Micro Seiki BL-21 FG Servo Belt Drive turntable fitted with a Acoustic Research ES-1 Turntable tonearm w/ fluid damping. This tonearm is reputed to be the Jelco ST250.
About the turntable: The Micro Seiki BL-21 turntable is an FG Servo Belt Drive turntable. It is finished in a nice simulated rosewood veneer similar to Denon and JVC turntables of the era. The table runs smooth and quiet as it should.
About the Tonearm: Installed on the Micro Seiki BL-21 turntable is a AR tonearm originally found on the AR ES-1 turntables. This tonearm appears to have been sold by many other companies under different names and appears to be identical to the Jelco ST-250 tonearm which is still in production. Here are some specifications from the Jelco web site – this is for informational purposes and may not be exactly the same for the tonearm included with this table:
Effective Length – 9″ (229 mm)
Overhang – 19/32″(15 mm)
Friction – less than 20mg horizontal and vertical
Effective Mass – 13 grams
Cartridge Weight Range – 3-9 grams
Stylus Pressure Range 0-3 grams
Arm Plus Lead Capacitance 85 pF
Removable Headshell