Yamaha KX-500U

Yamaha KX-500U Vintage Stereo Cassette Deck

Brand: Yamaha, Japan
Model: KX-500U
Type: Stereo Cassette Deck

Up for auction is Vintage Yamaha KX-500U Stereo Cassette Deck with black face,
black cover and Fluorescent Peak Meter, Auto Tape Select and LED tape counter.
This is a left side Frontloading 2-Head Stereo Cassette Deck with multiple noise
reduction systems (Dolby B/C/HX Pro) and Metal Tape Capability. It has beautiful,
very noticable digital fluorescent blue / red Peak-Reading Meters, Peak Hold, and
4-digit LED digital tape counter. With feather touch controls and extremely quiet
tape transport mechanism. With amorphous heads.

Two Head / Extremely Quiet, Precision Three Motor Transport. Made in Japan!

The deck can be programmed to play selections in any order you choose, linear
counter displays length of tape remaining, intro scan plays 15 seconds of each
track. A Harmony or any other universal remote puts the deck under your control.

This deck is like new, its front face looks as if it was just taken out of new
productio wrap. No visible wear, and all fluacets of the item are flawless and
intact. Deck is fully operational, with new capstan belt. It has been cleaned
and lubricated. Surface on top cover has somewhat uneven paint on few spots.

Main Features:

- Frequency response of high bias tape 20 – 19,000 Hz +- 3dB
- Harmonic distortion less than 1%
- Wow and Flutter less than 0.05%
- S/N ratio Dolby C 76dB
- Noise reduction: Dolby B, C with MPX filter, HX Pro bias servo
- Seek function – detects the beginning of track (forward and back)
- Play trim – high freq response control
- Bias fine adjustment
- Variable line out
- Can be remotely controlled via RS-K5 infrared remote or a Harmony universal
(program features, counter, etc.)
- Front mounted 1/4″ phone jack with volume control
- Timer operated playback and recording


Noise Reduction:
Dolby-B / C / HX Pro Noise Reduction

Head Configuration:
2 Head Design
3 Motor Transport
4 Track / 2 Channel
Combination, Amorphous with 12-laminated core Rec and Playback Head
Double-gap Ferrite Erase Head

Tape Frequency Response:
Automatic Tape Selection (Normal, Chrome, Ferrychrome, Metal)
Normal Tape: 20Hz – 17KHz, +/- 3dB
Chrome Tape: 20Hz – 19KHz, +/- 3dB
Metal Tape: 20Hz – 20KHz, +/- 3dB

Tape Transport Mechanism:
Sìngle Capstan Transport
Mechanical Tape Loading
Belt Drive (Capstan)
Auto Shutoff
#1 Motor: DC Precision Servo Drive Motor (Capstain)
#2 Motor: Flat Torque DC Motor (Reel)
#3 Motor: DC Motor (Assist)

Line Input Sensitivity: 50mV at 50kOhm
Line Output Level: 360mV at 1kOhm
Phones: 1.2mW at 8ohms

Back Panel RCA Input/Output Connectors
Headphone Output

Tape Speed: 4.76 cm/s

Display (FL):
4-Digit LED Counter
Linear Tape Counter
Remaining Time Counter
Fluorescent Blue / Red Digital Peak-Reading Peak Hold Meters

Full Logic Tranport Controls
Soft Touch Transport Control
Memory Play / Memory Repeat
Timer Recording / Playback
Line / Mic Input Select
Cue / Review

Preamplifier with Individual Input Level Controls

LED Tape Type Indicators.

Controls on the front panel:
- Left / Right Recording Level Adjustment Potentiometers
- Eject, Rev/Rew, FF/Cue, Play, Stop, Rec / Pause
- Counter Reset / Counter Memory
- Left / Right Introscan
- Play Speed Adjustment
- MPX Filter ON / OFF
- Dolby ON / OFF
- Dolby B / C Select
- Input Level Slider
- Phone Level Adjustment
- Auto Mode Controls
- Dolby NR: In / Out
- Bias Adjustment
- Phone Jack

- W X H x D: 43.5cm x 11.7cm x 27.3cm
- W x H x D: 17-1/8″ x 4-5/8″ x 10-3/4″
- 4.5kg / 9lbs (unpacked)

Power Source: 120V, 60Hz, 20Watts